Trout fishing and camping in the high country

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Gonna leave in the morning for Sonora Pass and some high country trout fishing. It should be nice and cool at Clarks Fork and the streams always put out some good trout. Also taking my detector for some coin shooting in the campgrounds. It will be nice to camp for a few days and relax around the campfire at night. Bought a used cabover camper and will try it out. Its a '97 Lance model 185 lite. Di likes a shower and turlit as minimum conveniences at this point in life. It is self contained and got it for $4700. It will be my alternate transportation to my toy hauler and also be able to tow the boat when I want. Jerry

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You guys be careful, going up there! They say cooler weather is bad for you! I really think you should stay here and get beat in the heat like Shep and me!. Of course, since Shep is use to crawling around in Attic's and under house's, anything under 110 is cool to him. :P:P:lol::lol: Grubstake PS maybe some GOLDEN Trout?

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