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Anyone beeped there?

I go a place every year for fishing it's extremely remote and has 8 volcanoes within eye shot.

Last time down I noticed dried out river beds with lots of bed looked so good.

just wondering on the rules down there.....The guy I stay with is like the mayor of the town..

I just down want to get my beeper taken @ check point

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Just remember that line in "Treasure of Sierra Madre"



Good Luck!


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Drkillstick. I've detected down there quite a bit. Lots of nice gold. Just mentally prepare yourself that you might lose your detector and more. It's not legal to bring gold out, but I noticed at the checkpoints that they never searched anyones pockets. That's where my gold stayed and I always breathed a huge sigh of relief when I got back to Arizona. It's getting weirder every day down there and you are taking a risk when you venture outside the fishing or tourist centers. I won't be going again.----Bob

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Grubstake. My Uncle married a lady from Gaudelahara and had dual citizenship and lived in Mexico for more than 20 years. That didn't stop the Federales from stealing his expensive gold watch as a bribe to let him back into the States on one trip. Surprisingly enough we saw the Mexicans get harrassed more at the military checkpoints than the gringoes. Here's some pics of the gold from the last trip.----Bob


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Way back when I was in the Army, I used to go down with a bucnh of other guys from FT. Sam to Juarez, all the working girls wanted to get married to a gringo, so they could come to the states legally. Not me, I ended up marring a girl from Sam Antone, but maybe I should have got me one of them working girls, my wife left me while I was in Viet Nam. So much for the good old 60's Grubstake

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the Mexican Government, in order to curtail narcos amid others, has several military stops and checkpoints all over the country. Allow yourself several extra hours to get from Nogales to Durango. Every major (and some minor) road has these.

Even if you leave the gun at home, if the police find an errant live round in your vehicle, be prepared to walk away from everything you own, and possibly, even go to jail.

If the police don't find you, many times the narcos will. If you can be profiled to be able to identify any of them, your life won't be worth much. Since Mex. Pres. Calderon's declaration of war on the criminal element, over 9000 cops (plus several regualr citizens) have been captured, tortured, disemboweled, and killed; many times in broad daylight.

Yep, The gold is nice, but is your quest worth the risks?

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