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whats the word on Rye Patch, Did our hunting area burn? 17 and 19? News not saying much down here about it. Got an up date? Grubstake

oh no, there was a fire out in ol' pershing county?

Im in chiacgo at the moment, but spend about half of my year out in lovelock.....

Im assuming there was a fire, can anyone tell me what or how much was burned? I have about 600 acres out there.....

i managed to find this

Firefighters are also working on a 20,000 acre brush fire near Imlay, about 30 miles south of Winnemucca. They are calling it the Tungsten fire.

So far the Tungsten fire has destroyed one outbuilding and a mine.

Both fires are sending thick smoke into the air as they sweep across brush and grass rangelands.

There is no containment estimate on either fire.

i called some people out in pershing county and they said the fire was all due north of rye patch and imlay

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The fire in that region was up at the Eugenes, which is about 15 miles NNE of the main area at 17 and 19.

It is called the Tungsten fire and has grown to 62,000 acres at last I heard (thats about 97 square miles).

As far as I know, there have been no fires this year the main area at Rye Patch.

There are however, placers up around the Eugene Mountains and some real nice gold has been found there over the years.


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Hello All... I was born and raised in Nevada... I once lived in Lovelock. 475 13th St.

We were buying the house. It was originaly constructed from used lumber from

Vernon. We did considerable modification during the 3-years we had it.

The last time I drove by and looked it was again being loved... Originally it belonged to

A.H. Scott. He was known as "Scotty the Assayer."

Now about fires... the charcoal can be conductive. Can be positive to a sensitive metal

detector. Also fires can be most distructive... I was at Midas over the 4th of July a few years

ago and there was one of the out of contol fires... From Midas it looked bad... but it did not


Back in 1948 I was working for Nevada Northern RRd. Still old Baldwin coal burning steam

engines... Kennecott Copper. Sparks from a hole in one of the engines spark arrestors

started a fire... We were laying new rails for the diesels. Assigned to fight the fire...

Wow... the scrub cedars and pine trees just exploded... Bang... Luckily when the fire reached

the ridge the winds contained it...

As many of you know the older buildings are mostly wood and fires can be very distructive.

Worse, the BLM or Forest Service sometimes close the burn areas from all entry for several


Out of control range and scrubbrush fires can be very distructive. I hope the drought does

not close areas such as here in southern California as a "high-fire hazard."

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