Nevada Ablaze!

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Man Chris, it sure is dry, I hope you have a good safe zone around your house. So far this year, we have been lucky, no fires in our area to speak of. But! I wouldn't mind seeing some of the heavy brush burn, without endagering house's and such. I think the forest service has cut back too much on there control burns, due to finacing. A bad thing for us all out west. Stay safe. Grubstake

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I do have good defensible space around my house. Plus, while these fires are close, they would have to burn 50 to 100 homes to get to mine as I am near but not right on the Urban / wild land interface. I also replaced my highly flammable old shake roof with a fire-resistant comp roof several years ago after another fire was threatening us at that time.


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Yeh Comp, metal or tile is the only way to go in fire country. almost everyone up here is going metal, some tile, very little comp. No one goe's shakes anymore. Only problem I have is my neighbors down below me, won't do there fire clearace, I have 3 ft high grass right up to my back fence. Seems the county won't do anything, when I complain, In fact everyone in the HOOD has complaind about it, still no action. Big pit bull in her back yard, he's meaner than hell, tried to jump the fence while my wife was doing laundry on the back pourch one day, tring to get her. I went down and told them he was a dead doggie, if he gets in my yard. Grubstake

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