Informative CDs on Aussie Gold Fields

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Hi Everyone,

For those of you who may be contemplating a trip down under to plunder the goldfields of Australia there are now several informative CD's available to help you along.

The first, and the one most important to most people from outside Australia is the Westralian Gold CD.

This CD contains 16000 words of information in the main section alone with several more thosand in the section covering the Western Australian Mines Department information for visiting prospectors.

It also contains 60 GPS waypoints.

20 maps.

26 seperate locations with advice on all.

Tips on navigation and vehicles.

Powering your camp.

Obtaining water. (This is desert country)


200 goldfield photos to allow you to see what good gold producing ground looks like.

Many good things to remember and a whole lot more.

The other CD's deal with the Tibooburra and Mt Brown goldfields in north west New South Wales, and Clermont in Central Queensland. All have similar content although the Westralian Gold CD has the most content as it covers the biggest state.

Also available is a DVD covering the making of gold nugget jewellery but I'm not sure if it is compatible with your TV system. It should run OK on your computer, though. It contains 45 minutes of instruction and a list of tools and components you will need, the source for this material will, of course, be different in the U.S. but from similar types of stores.

Even if you don't ever plan on visiting the Australian goldfields the CDs are well worth the money for their insight into Australian prospecting techniques and entertaiment alone.

The CDs sell for AU$32.00 and the DVD for AU$35.00 both prices include postage.

For more information you can email me at

or look at my on-line store at Ebay.

This post will also appear in the For Sale Section.

Cheers, Jim Foster

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