Baldy Mountain/Elizabethtown NM Late This Week

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Okie dokie, I'm finally gonna head out to some decent gold country (I think) later this week! WOOHOO!!

I've been doing a bunch of research, talking to experienced folks, checking mine claims and history, getting experience of my own in the field and have decided on heading to N. New Mexico to the Baldy Mountain area, around Eagle Nest, Elizabethtown and Cimmaron. Hotel reservations have been made, maps have been checked. I should be there Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning.

If anyone has any personal experience in this part of NM, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it.

I'm planning on panning, sluicing and detecting my brains out for 3 days. Wish me luck, ya'll! LOL



I'm planning on NOT being in a national forest, so no permits planned.

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TXKajun: I lived in New Mexico for the better part of 12 years and know a lil bit about the areas you intend to work. Some of the best panning I did (illegally) was on the Boy Scout Ranch. A watchman invited me to leave!!! E'town and surrounding areas are,/or were private property. Hope you find a place to weork and get some gold.


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Don, yeah, I figured the land there was pretty much all privately owned. My research showed that it wasn't BLM or state or Forest Service land. Also, there aren't any claims that show up at LR2000. I was kind of curious about that.

I was thinking of seeing if I could find a creek within 50' of the road and try to claim that I was on public right of way if asked. Also, I'm not real shy, so I also plan on asking around the town about anyone who would give me permission to do some poking around and then ask the person (or people). Thanks for the info about the Boy Scout Ranch.


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