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Yo All...Wickenburg (The Dubyah) got hammered today--something like 3 - 4 inches ina couple hours...All the washes were rockin' and rollin'...I wish it would hit some local nugget country as hard as it hit town...Actually, it did hit one spot, but I'm not going to mention it until I get out and just pick up all those newly exposed nuggets ... Anyhow, a couple hours after it stopped raining I happened to look out the Rich Hill view windows of my office, across Dodacious' nicely watered lawn, and there was the bad boy below just truckin' around the fence perimeter like he had to be someplace quick like.... What a beauty, about 20" long, with a very serious attitude about him...Just can't beat the sights of the big AZ...Cheers, Unc

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