Hi Everyone!

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I'm finishing up a business trip over here in London England and I wanted to say hello!

Hope you all are finding lots of nuggets!

Returning to the states on Wendesday!

Have a great day!


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Hello Karl,

How have you been??? Boy, you have sure become a "Travel'n Man" lately. What, are you trying to stay away from Texas to stay out of all the flooding, and recent weather-Kalamity's of-late ??? I sure wish we could get some of that "RAIN" like you Texan's have been getting---over here in Northern Arizona,....it would sure open-up some prime exposed bedrock areas.

Oh well,...such is the Arizona desert.

Take R easy,....

Gary B)

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Hello All!

I'm glad that my trip is over and I am back in the states! Also glad the company paid for everything! It is basically twice as expensive for anything over in the UK as compared to here!

An example:

Starbucks Latte coffee is about 4#.25 here in Houston while in London it is 3.69 British Pounds. That makes it about $7.30.

So no bargins to be had! If one wants a big bang for travel dollars go south into Mexico.

Hi Gary, yes we have had a lot o rain here in Texas. I keep telliong it to go over where you live! lol

Are you still working your spots around Prescott?

Grubstake, I apologize about the Fish and Chips! They didn't survie the first hour on the plane back!....I sort of well ate them! You probably woulnd't have liked them anyway!...............But I sure did!

Airplane food is on par with hospital food! :)

And Flake....I had a good trip back. Had a lot of jetlag to get over! I had to attend a two day trade show in Houston on Thursday and Friday! I've been tired ever since I arrived!

Is there any information on the 24K pushes upcoming in October?

Looking forward to getting over to AZ in the fall!

Have a great weekend!


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