Weekend hunt

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Well hear in Calif. we are having a heat wave, tomarrow and friday 108 temp and Sat. and Sunday 106, with 61% humity. A bit more than what we expected, so my uncle and I are not going to hunt, or Jer {PONDMN} I value my heath more than hunting, and beside like my uncle said its supposed to be fun, not a punishment. Shep is a true die hard, he's going and so is Matt. I worked in Bagby for 6 years and know if its a 100 up hear, it ca get 110 or more in the canyon. So the best decission for us is not to hunt this weekend, and since my uncle lives on the coast, they rarely see temps over 80, he is not used to this hight degree weather.So to everyone that is braving the temps good luck, stay hydrated. Grubstake

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It's California weather today woke up this morning at 4:00 to the sound of rain B)B)B)

Well grub that should cool things off a bit. :D:D:D:D

Hopefully you guys will change your mind and come along.

From what I have seen before rain in the high county can bring up the river at Bagby 2 or 3 feet not to mention the flash floods that come down the river. :huh::huh: Might make it a bit tought to cross :(

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Miner Matt.......Two issues you are not looking at....Wait for a couple of hours and when the heat starts to build so will the humidity and then it will be really hot.... Also, if the river comes up do you really want to cross it in a flash flood situation. Wait til Saturday and you will want to stay home with Gary, Allen and myself. Jerry

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Pondman I have lived my whole life in Mariposa and Tuolumne co.

I know what the weather will do. If the wind keeps up it will not get humid.

If the wind stops look out we won't be able to stand it.

If there is a flood on the river we won't cross it and if there is a flash flood when we are on the other side we will have a longer walk to get back.

And you are right it will be 106 at Bagby on saturday but it dosen't hurt to hope.

Thanks for your concern,Matt

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