GOLD HITS $701.60 this morning

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SO why in the heck are you sittin here tappin your grubby fingers on a keyboard??? :lol::lol:

Get out there and getcha sum!!! I here them nugs are easy to find when they are hot ;)

It was 37 degrees this mornin here, I'm waitin for the heavy dew to burn off

and i'm going to go look for sum unnatural gold!!! :D

Have a good one this weekend, hope you find enough for sum nice shoes for the baby :)

don't sell to low :P

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Well the price going up should sell more Metal detectors & club memberships + fools swinging there newly aquired MD all over the desert oblivas to claims :blink::) ...........To a more serious note....May the price keep on going up & may all of you find alots of nuggets this season ;) --------------------wonderer

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