Gold Prospecting in Honduras and Guatemala

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In a few months I will be in Central America for a few years. I was wondering if anyone on here has prospected for gold in Honduras or Guatemala.

Most of my experience is in gold prospecting in Mexico, the USA and South America.

What are the laws and regulations? Do I need permits? What would be the best areas to look for gold in these countries? Any problems bringing my detector into these countries? How about small dredges?

I am seeking contact with any gold prospectors in Central America.


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Garmipo will know way more.. he knows the lay of the land .. But I do have a story for you. My ex had a cousin that went to Central (or maybe it was S. America -Brazil I've forgotten) to prospect for gold, and that was suppose to be for 6 months to a year in the areas that are difficult to get to - no contact- this was in the late 1970's - anyway, he was NEVER heard from again. So be careful out there!

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Ericwt, first of all be sure you want to do the impossible........then with a lot of luck it may be possible....

it would take a book to write about all the things you need to know before you ever set foot in

another country.......start by contacting the embassy of the country you'll be living in and ask them about

dredges, metal detectors and such..........the best advice I can give you now is to get situated in the

country your going to be living in, make a few friends, ask questions, SPEAK THE LANGUAGE, and never

trust any of them, no matter what............later when you have your questions asked and know where

and what you want to do then go back to the USA and hand carry your equipment in.....ask the person

you buy your equipment from if they will reduce the price by 50% on the receipt you'll need to carry

with'll be taxed heavy and a 50% reduction will make things about even with the rest of

the world.........and one thing never talked about is before you leave the USA practice looking and dressing Rolex, no designer clothes, keep your mouth shut and LISTEN..........don't let anyone know

your an American by just looking at you.........everyone in a foreign country thinks Americans are rich....

we are compared to them and their just dying to clean you out of everything......after your settled ask

around about gold in the area........locals know ........the price of a few beers will usually help but don't

push it.......take your time.........

have fun and watch your back side and keep me posted about your progress..........

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