If you want to hang out with Rob at Moore Creek...

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Moore Creek is now over 50% booked for 2008, with only 24 of 56 spaces left. We have had a very high comeback rate with many people this year coming back for the second, third, and even fouth times. So it is causing spaces to fill fast.

Rob, Glenn, and Dennis are in week two (June 11-17) which has only three spaces left as of 9/10/07. So anyone wanting to hang with the famous (infamous?) Rob better not wait too long. http://www.moorecreek.com

Lots more big news about Moore Creek soon.

Steve Herschbach

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Been there, done that. :D Sure wish I could do it again. Not in the cards for me right now but I will definitely return if my circumstances change. I'd recommend the trip to anyone who wants a real adventure with a chance to bring home some nice gold. Later...Jim P.

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Hey Steve;

Hanging with the Big Names would be great fun...I wanted to give Moore Creek another go next year...BUT...I think my darling children are going to use up all my fun-money...be a "good" father or be a Nugget-hunting Adventurer.....hard choice, sometimes...anyway, things may still work out for me...

Best of luck and loads of fun to all that hit Moore Creek...it ain't just the gold, it's the adventure!!!!


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Am I invited too !! Dozers running, Excavators running, I believe next season will be a good one at Moore as everytime the tailings are changed, more gold is exposed for the electronic prospector, I can tell by the gleam in Steves eye and his decision to be there full time next year will mean a lot of changes to the existing ground conditions, which in turn will mean some fantastic finds for Someone.......... ;) Good Hunting Geo

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