Calling all coin hunters

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Myself I started out in 1966 making my first detector from a kit. The next one I got from Whites with three tubes in it.( BFO ) I tell anyone to buy the best detector they can afford and if you hunt alot you will never have to put money out of your pocket to buy the next one.

Over the years I've found alot of silver coins with gold and silver rings.

So if you don't mind telling your age we want to hear from you.You may be a new kid on the block just starting out coin hunting we want to hear from you also.

Chuck Anders

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I have been coin detecting about 2 years.

After knee surgery I had to find some genteler ground to work.

I switched to doing Sand Playgrounds in the Phoenix area. How could I get hurt in the sand?

I strapped a pillow to my ass, just in case.

I don't have to wory about the other side as my belly protects me there. :D

Well I did it anyway & fractured my foot about a month ago.

If anybody hears of a safer hobby please let me know.

I have found lots of jewlery but it's all too small for me.

I guess I'm the only adult hanging arround the playgrounds. :unsure:

GOD bless everyone!

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I started metal detecting with a Whites 4900, the one with the TR discriminate, and I remember the first thing I found was a penny at a schoolyard, and I thought it was amazing. I got a few detectors after that, have found a few gold rings, more silver rings, and many more cheapie rings and lots of coins, a couple silver half dollars and some Indian heads and even a couple of seated dimes.. I have enjoyed hunting around old homesites, places where people used to be. Then I heard of a detector that sampled with multiple frequencies, and when I had the chance I got a Sovereign, but I enjoy using my Whites Eagle II more than the Sovereign. Here in CA, when you find a old coin, there is a good chance it is mintmarked from San Francisco mint, and they are usually a better date.

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I don't know if any hobby that is totally safe. I had this gyro copter until I crash it and now have a steel ball in my left shoulder. When my detector crash it don't hurt as bad.



It's hard to out do the Eagle 11 detector.I've been using one from the day they came out and it will be not easy to replace.

I don't know if you know this but when the Eagle 11 came out Whites had a chip you could get to up date the Eagle 1. Now how many companys do you see doing that for you. I think it went for 125 dollars and shipping cost.


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Started detecting about 2 1/2 years ago with a XLPro. Been wanting to detect sonce the age of ten but never had the $$ to get a detector. Suffered with the XLPro for a while and got really sick of finding run of the mill clad and surface trash.

Did a group hunt and had my eyes opened to the ability of the Explorer in California soils.

Well the rest of the story is full of silver, gold and really sweet finds.

I truly wanted to be in the White's crowd but just can't justify the headaches associated with running the machine at its limits while hunting for a 8" deep silver dime. When compared side by side to the Explorer the White's machines just don't stand up out here.

I even tried the Explorer SE and went back to the II after 4 months, the SE was just too hot for me, so i'm content with the Explorer II and my GPX for gold hunting.

Not a Minelab diehard, just looking for the best equipment for my hunting style and conditions.



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Started in 1968 with a Whites tuber TR Jeeze.. remember the two batteries cost me 2 weeks allowance after I left the thing on, Man was I bummed. Tried to look for gold in Nevada at Grandpas with a $19.99 TR needless to say it didn't ground balance or discriminate! Now you know why there's no nails or leaverites around North Las Vegas I got em all!!

Also, Rolcat watch out for all the loose ammo the Homies drop in the parks down south! Found almost a whole pocketfull of .25 cal on the playground ob Van Buren. :o

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