Hunting the Oops Patch Again

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Yo All...The weather was pretty nice out around Rich Hill area yesterday so I got out a little before noon, nice temp, around 96 or so...There's an area I really enjoy hunting where I've found lots of gold, but it's pretty hard to snag a nugget there now...The fabled "Oops Patch"...However, as I said, it just feels good to me to hunt there...So, when I got out there, I broke out my old sd2100 and my Nuggetfinder 14E mono, got all hitched up then took a big breath, exhaled slowly and said, "I'm going to find gold today." ... Then I started very slowly scrubbing the ground...I settled into a slow motion mode...So slow that I was barely moving and I kept that up for four hours, only stopping once for 10 minutes to chug a cool Gatorade and eat an energy bar...In four hours, I covered an area about 75 feet long by 50 feet wide ... I found about 100 targets, mostly little rusty ferrous bits, and a dozen tiny lead pieces....Last week I found one little half grammer in this spot and by the time my four hours was up, I managed two more...Together they weight half a gram...It was really rewarding to lock in on a serious hunt mode and know absolutely with certainty I was going to find gold...Cheers, Unc

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Hi JW...As a matter of fact, I am adding California...I just got the program for it this week and am beginning the monotonous task of creating the custom claims maps...I hope to launch the first few within a couple of weeks...It just takes a lot of time to research them and then create them...Any particular area you'd like to see done first? Cheers, Unc

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Hello Uncle Ron,

Detecting for gold nuggets is partially a mental game. You have to believe in yourself and eqiupment to find gold.

I remember about 12 years ago when the famous Richard Doherty told me, "Rob, you have to make the gold!" I thought he was freaking crazy, but later realized he meant you have to believe you're going to find gold nuggets.

Congrats on your new gold nuggets finds. It's amazing how much gold is still laying around out there. :o

Rob Allison

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