Todays hunt at Mt.Ophir

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Well Jery{Pondmn} and Shep and I went to Mt. Ophir today for a hunt, No gold but we had a good day anyway. Pictures of Shep and Jery, detecting and by the trucks, with the owner of the land we detected, John. Also Shep Made me up one of his Picks, made of a plow Disk and I put a shovel handle in it, I think maybe Miner Matt will be going into production on these if Doc likes them. There one hell of a digging tool for sure. If Matt starts producing them, they may be called the Whitlock Pick, not sure, but keep your eyes open for them. Grubstake PS thats my old AZO pick they used to sell for comparison, the small one.

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Your right Dave, everytime I find a quartz specimen I always expand the search area. One of these days, I'm going to find a pocket the old timers missed. Mariposa in general is very good, but most of it is claimed or private. But I'm not affraid to ask to get on land, you can't lose anything, because you didn't have it in the first place. Most people once they talk to you inperson, and can tell what kind of person you are say go ahead. But some do say no. I just go to a different area. Or BLM land. still plenty up hear with no claims. Grubstake

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Well the word is out I shipped one off to Doc Friday.Not much different than Shep's.I like the one piece constuction.

Uncle Ron-Sand?I want to go to AZ and dig!!!! Can I bring my plastic pick.B)

Dave- Most of the places we detect are around old workings the vains have already been found and worked.Not to say that they didn't miss anything but we can only hope.

I found one of these spots with a Gold Bug in 1987 and worked it until 2002.

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