Nice Day for finding the LAST Nugget at LSD!

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Yo, All...The weather was so awesome today, mid-80's, nice breeze, that I jumped ship at work and headed out to the LSD around noon...There's this one wash, a little off the beaten track, that a snow-bird from upper Michigan has hammered to death for the past two or three nugget seasons...He has literally raked both banks of the gulch for a couple thousand feet...He's found some very nice gold there, from a beautiful 3+ oz nugget to several 1, 1/2 & 1/4 oz. nuggets...Now, for the past year or so, it's been virtually impossible to even find a metalic target of any kind there...

Well, as it's said, the patch is never cleaned out...Today I dropped down into the gulch which got a fair scouring in the last gully washer a couple weeks ago...The gulch is loaded with those damn grey hotrocks and a good bit of ironstone...

Long story short, I ignored the bottom of the gulch and concentrated on the benches where the old timers had shoveled up the overburden to hit the bedrock where the real gold concentration was...Immediately, the first part of the bench I beeped gave me a very faint signal...I dug several hot rocks out and still the signal was there... Then I encountered a big flat rock about a foot square...I figured that was the signal source, but when I popped it out, suddenly the signal was louder...A few quick scoops with my Hermit Pick and I had the target, now screaming on my SD2100 with my Nuggetfinder 14E Mono (oldstyle) ...

Nice little 3/4 Gram chunky beauty that I'm pretty sure is the last nugget at LSD!!! ;)

Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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