Big Rattle Snake

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If I can get this picture posted you will see one big snake. It's 9 ft 1in long,so now to try to post.

I don't what I'm doing wrong but I'll try again.

I had email Rob the picture so if he still has it maybe he can post it.

Chuck Anders

I'm sorry it's not a better picture I had to take the picture off my e-mail with my camera to get it.I think the reason was the other picture bmp not jpg.

They said it hit the scales at 97 lbs.



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I was thinking the same thing but Of all things my wife sent this to me as she was sending to others. I don't know who are what it came from.

Chuck Anders

PS My exwife was about the same when we married and she turned into one after we married.She was just 4 ft. 11in. It is one big snake for sure.


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Hi all,

When I was stationed in Florida, a guy cutting grass on base killed a swamp rattler about that size.

I know it was at least 7 feet in length, and about 18 inches around.

I still have some of the hide left, most of it was given away for wallets, and the mice took a little too, over the years.

That base had all kinds of bad critters, alligators, coral snakes, big swamp rattlers, small rattlers, and some others that I can't conjure up right now. And no one back then ever gave a thought about having to wear snake chaps or snake gaiters, as there was no such thing invented yet.

On the other end of the scale, I have in a glass tube filled with formaldehyde, a pygmy rattler, which in that Florida country, is called a velvet tail rattler, as the rattle part doesn't rattle. They do make you real sick, if they can bite you on a finger or a toe, just like a big one might.


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Morning ALL: Yup I've only seen (and almost stepped on) one Pygmy Rattler and that was in Mississippi near Columbus. My friend saw the snake and told me what it was. As I recall it was about 6 - 7" long.

I've only seen one live giant Texas Rattler that was curled up on the highway at night... biggist darn rattler I've ever seen. Ya better bet I didn't try to run it over or get out of the car.


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You have been suckered in! :blink:

That snake is far from 9ft 1inch unless that dude is 10ft tall! :D

I know guys that hold their fish out to make them look bigger and that is exactly what this dude is doing. A nice sized snake but let's not go out on a fishing drunk story about it! 9.7 p[ounds sounds about right! :o

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I belive I saw this same photo floating around the web several months ago.

At one time I think that they were saying that the snake had been found in Missouri.

A good site to find out more info on some of this type of stuff is, if they don't have listed, what you are looking, then type in the item in the Search box on the top of the page. In this case, Texas Rattlesnake.

They will tell you if its true or false, if they know.

Bob T.

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Yeah, try standing in the foreground while a cat is sitting in the background and have your friend with the camera tell you to raise or lower your hand held out so it appears you have a miniature cat in the palm of your hand. It's all a trick of depth perception. The eastern diamondback rattlers are big in the south though, nothing like their west desert midgit cousins. They have been documented to be up to 8 ft. in length - plenty of rats, rabbits and nutria for feeding.


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