OK, Well, Oops, Yesterday's WASN'T the Last LSD Nugget

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Well, Y'all, I'm really beginning to confuse myself... Yesterday's lil' nugget had "Last Nugget From LSD" all over it... But then this afternoon, I went out to the same gulch and climbed up on a flat bench over an old inside turn, and, darn, if I didn't find the "Actual Final Last Nugget From LSD"... I really apologize for the confusion, especially mine ...But this little half gram nugget is approximately 40 million years old, so ya just gotta cut it (and me, only slightly younger) some slack... ...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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And here I thought I was older than dirt and then you come in and post this latest find!

Ron, you could almost be a dinasaur.

Doesn't that make your last LSD nugget the LAST LAST LSD nugget?




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Hey Ron!

If you want to you can give us the coord's on the location and we will all make certain that you don't forget where it is!


That's what us friends are for........making sure our friends don't forget stuff!



Has anyone seen my jeep keys? I can't remember where I put them! :)


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  • Admin

Hello Uncle Ron,

The LSD area is a great area for gold nuggets. I have a handful of spots around LSD that have been very productive, but I believe they are all claimed up. Someday the claims will drop and I can check them out with the Minelab GPXS-7500. :huh:

Congrats on the recent nugget finds.

Rob Allison

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