82 Rich Hill Nuggets From 24K Claims!

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Hello Dakota Slim,

Well stories sure do grow when it comes to hunting gold nuggets. Gary told me personally he found right at 3 ounces from the hole and then the nice 31.2 Grammer. That is a total of 4 ounces from the hole.

Heard a story about a guy finding a 2-pounder on the 24K claims recently. I eventually got to met him and he said the nugget was his first, and was 2.3 Dwts! Wow ... how the hell did that story grow so big. :lol:

Dakota, we found 3 times that amount, but it pettered out really quickly.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Hello Colorado Bob,

Yes, you did tell me! B) You could have at least invited me down. :P

In all honestly, there are a lot of fabricated stories, but when it comes to what has been found, and what will be found on the 24 Karat Gold Hunters Claims, there is no reason to BS. Rich Hill has been one of the richest placer deposits not only in Arizona, but the entire US.

Last season there was somewhere between 500-700 gold nuggets found. I know I found close to 100 myself and know several others that found just as much. There is no telling how many nuggets are being found and not getting reported, just like in the early days. I'm sure there was some Monster gold nuggets that never got reported.

I'm wishing everyone the best of luck on the claims this year and hoping someone will find a very nice nugget.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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