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Well DOC sent my test coil, SAT. I will be able to give it a good run, Shep has a 14 Round Coiltek Mono, we will see how they compare, on some of the same targets. I went up today and posted our claim stake, discovery stake for our new claim, going to be call the Golden Rule Claim, 5 of us are going to be the owners, . Grubstake

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Guest Mike C...

Hi Grub congrats on the claim ;) --Test coil--you mean coiltek is still testing the coils and went ahead and sold a bunch to the public :blink: 14" R mono vs 11" E mono--I think everyone already knows the out come of that comparisan--I think a closer test would be against a 11" R mono--Good luck :lol: -Mike C... :ph34r:

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  • Admin

Hello Grubstake,

I think you're going to love the Platypus Mono. I sold a couple of detectors and (10) of the new Platypus coils last night. My truck is packed with boxes to take to the Post Office this afternoon. I still have a couple of guys coming over this week to get theirs and some others I haven't heard back from.

Make sure you give us a report when you test the new coil.

Rob Allison

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