Finding some Golden Nuggets in unexpected places

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I am just curious. I know that part of the thrill of finding a gold nugget is in the hunting...that much is clear. But what about just breaking down and buying some gold or a nice trophy gold coin? I found this website at that sells all kinds of gold, gold bars, gold nuggets, gold coins, etc.

Here is a picture of some nice looking gold I found there. Anyway, just curious.


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For me and for many, the real thrill is the hunt, for others it is the possession...there are many ways to hunt, if buying stuff suits you that is cool. After all, gold would have no value without buyers to possess the stuff we find and want to sell.

There are lots of people that hunt treasure at yard sales, swap meets and other such places, the nice thing about that is it does not require expensive equipment, only knowledge...there are a lot of Yankee traders out wise.


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