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Well Colorodo Bob congratulations :D your right, I've been skunked all summer............Just waiting for the new pushs to open up next month so I may chase the skunk off :angry: ....Did you put sticky glue on him before you sent him packing my way :blink::o ......................My leg is getting better, the open wound is about closed...............Bought a secret weapon from Rob (Platypus mono coil) & am climbing the walls wanting to go test it somewhere <_<:) is getting much better down here :huh::lol: - - - - - - wonderer

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Yo, C. Bob...Glad to hear you got out of the summertime rocking chair and starting to gather those foundling nugglets again...I'm still lookin' forward to a private guide of the N.Trigos...The weather is just getting awesome...I've been getting in some major hikes at the LSD lately, some with gold and some without...But they all be good...Cheers, Ron

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We will get over there one of these days. Didn't get out today, honey-dues, :rolleyes: you know the drill.

Yesterday the weather was not so bad but I was up high. Today my T-meter was hanging on 98 degrees. Lets wait until it cools down just a bit more.

Hey Flak,

On the PC at 8:06 AM?? :huh:

Plans should have been formulated and the detector hot by that time of day.

Yes, I know, the best laid plans of mice and men, or is it men and mice???? ;)

Bob T.

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