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I was headed back from a transaction today and stopped near Blue Canyon for a 2 hour investigatory stop and soon found a small stream and plenty of open ground that looked ripe for th yellow rocks.

I found a few pieces of lead and decided the stream zone needed to be checked. Soon I had a deep sounding target and worked for about 1/2 hour plus working on locating what turned out to be a crust encased piece of wire. I had to break it apart to make a final identification. The wire had been in that stream for a very long time so it shows some promise. I did a little more water beeping before having to head for the truck and beat it back to Sacramento by 2pm. I had 4 or 5 really sweet sounding targets but needed some additional tools and a lot more time so it warrants a return trip later this week.

The altitude is a little over 5000 ft but the snow fall remained at the Donner Pass level for the afternoon although there were still signs of snow fall at Kingvale.

Looks like fall is truly upon us and the cooler digging weather is here to stay.

I wish I had all day to work that area!

Looks like tuna season is done and still 4 1/2 weeks till Dungness crab season!

It's good to be back swinging the 4000!

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Hey Capt'n, did you happen to notice if the road to Lost Camp was open? The last time I was back that way, some joker had a gate across the road just on the other side of the tracks. I told Mo at the Foresthill station about it but she has not been by there yet.

Thanks for your help.


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