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Hello All,

Many have requested for me to place a "What's New" Forum. This forum will be dedicated to new products and accessories that I carry. There is a bunch of new stuff coming out very soon, so I'm sure this forum will get plenty of traffic.

If you have any questions about pricing, shipping or availability please contact me through the forums, email - auplacers@yahoo.com or business phone - (623) 362-1459

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Rob-thanks for the support.... OK, getting more and more anxious about my upcoming trip to Moore Creek-the first week out there SteveH from Alaska Mining and Diving will be running the dozer. the second week he is just detecting and someone else (one of the new owners will be operating the dozer) I've been watching everything that I been able to buy about the 4500- Got Chris DVD's Nugget Essential vol 1&2, Jonathan Porter's Outback prospector- GP Factor and the Seta Project.Playing around with the different settings-trying out different loops. Like everyone else, waiting on the new the 18 1/2 mono loop...another story.... big question? are there another DVD's updates going into the nuts and bolts of the 4500? I've been hauling my portable DVD player out and trying different settings and storing them in the custom programs, what works out here I know will be different from the ground at Moore Creek. Its a starting point...Definitely feeling better about using the 4500, looking forward to playing around in AZ this winter...

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:) Rob.. Jim here. To my surprise even though it was last revised in 2004, Vol. 3., 7th Edition of the "Nuggetshooter's Bible," has been slowly "catching on," and not as a "do-all" by serious minded prospectors that are only interested in using a detector to find hardrock gold and associated placers.

Joe at Plateau has been busy cleaning up the worn master copy and any of my early typos and now spiral binding it.

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Dutch John Jim Straight  

Jim and I never talked directly but we did email now and then. I sent Jim some different material in the way of books and magazines for him to read. In turn he’d send me more than one of his books he put out and I know I didn’t pay for any.

 The sad part about people passing is you really don’t know how they affected your life until they gone.

 I’m sure Jim made a lot of people better prospectors from the books he put out and if nothing else a better person for knowing him.




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