Big Gold Rush ON

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It is going to get and stay busy out there. I saw the report on the abc nightline website and it was LONG. One guy featured towards the beginning had about an ounce and a half of gold and was packing heat, just like most of us.

There are a lot of these types of articles coming out nowadays. I guess what kind of trips me out is how they seem to be putting the focus on Arizona, although there was one high profile report on Alaska as well.

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I can see how this can get like the old days.

I'm not too crazy about so much publicity given to our fun, safe and healthy hobby. I'd like to keep it hush hush if we could.

But now with all the Cash and Treasure shows, Gold Rush stuff and Gold price going up, makes it difficult for us to continue our game. Very easy for bandoleros, robbers, muggers and creeps out there to see.

Darn, got to carry a gun now everywhere we go?

Who's making America with "justice and liverty for all" the tough and restricted land for all.

Don't you all agree? C'mon yall, give me some heat!

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Hey Grubstake,

I live here and I haven't seen any so called goldrush.

A few guys are running around staking all the worthless dirt they can and trying to sell it with a lot of get rich quick spin. :rolleyes::blink:

Only ones around here that has struck gold is all the venders that are in town selling their ware's. :lol::P

Bob T.

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I agree with Colorado Bob. I stayed around Quartzsite from the middle of Dec. until two day ago. I hunted many, many hours out Dome Rock Rd. west, and Boyers Gap. (Yes, I did find a little gold). I didn't see more than 5 or 6 guys hunting with metal detectors. Probably more guys using dry washers, but then it rained and shut that down.

And not that many guys came into the 'Modern Prospectors' booth and said they were finding gold.

See y'all at the AZO outing.

Goldbug Ron :D

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