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Hi all,

Thanks very much, especially Grubstake,

You have a great voice... :lol:

Yep, old guys do rule, my just widowed brother decided to be nice

to himself, after many years of pinching pennys, bought himself

A big heavy Yamaha road bike that hurts the neighbors ears when

He raps up the pipes going through his neighborhood.

I'm kinda glad on one hand that he did, but on the other hand,

I'm a little concerned, as he is pushing 79 years young.

You are as old as you feel, I guess,

And everyone is different. Me, I just keep on

trucking, like Ron says, am putting it on cruise,

And take one day at a time. The projects take a

little longer to complete, but then I am not on a

time schedule, and need to smell the roses

along the way.

And Vini, I can't imagine going into cold water

Dredging this time of year!

Thanks all for the good wishes!


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