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Hello All,

Been overwhelmed with work and the business right now, but finally was able to get some pictures from the recent Phoenix Gold Show. This show was a great hit for "Rob's Detector Sales." Many customers stated I had one of the best metal detecting displays they have ever seen. This year I really tried to display all the metal detectors, coils and other accessories.

Thanks to everyone that purchased at the show.

Rob Allison

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Hello Chuck,

It was one booth, but I had 7 tables. Normally, you only get one booth with two tables, but I paid for (3) booth spaces to get 7 tables. Last year I had 5 tables and it wasn't enough space. This year with 7 tables it helped out more, but wished I had like one more table! :D

Overall, the show was the best one so far for me.

Off to work I am ... <_<

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob and Leaverite,

I’m glad I finally got a chance to meet you guys. It was really great talking with you guys and for you taking the time to answer questions I had. You both are certainly consummate professionals. I’m hoping over these years to collect some nuggets and try to catch up to your collection that you had at the show. Quite a sight, I had to pop some Advil to get my fever under control after seeing all those nuggets. I can’t wait to try my newer battery harness setup. I have been experimenting with my 3500 and the Lithium Battery as far as having it mounted to the control box. Maybe their will be an even lighter and smaller battery which could be easily mounted to the control box, thus removing the need for a harness and power cable altogether. It’s still kind of a hassle to dig target being connected up and limited to the length of the power cable when sitting down the detector to dig that target. The only other wire to eliminate is the speaker and or headphone wire, which I have had success in eliminating using wireless FM equipment like you would use at home or in your car, it worked pretty well. I’m always trying to think out of the box. Anyway I just wanted to thank you both and hope maybe we cross paths out in the fields or maybe at the AZO outing this weekend.

Thanks Again


a.k.a Earthwalker

Hard is where the money is…

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