Fair luck at todays

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The coinshoot went well today, nice weather, and a lot of detectors.

I had fair luck with 273 coins, or about $24.00 face value.

Two silver rounds.

Three piece's of jewelry. One large pendant, one set of 12K earrings [that should really look good on me] :rolleyes: and one Black Hills 12k gold ring with a small diamond [retails at $150.00]

Next hunt is a free-beeee, for members, with a pizza feed at the end of the hunt.

Bob T.

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If I remember correct you cleaned up the last time they had a hunt like that.Do you ever have trouble sleeping at nite when you don't leave anybody else something to find.

I have to give credit where credit is due you got to be good and don't give that bull that your wife says the same thing. :D:o

I went coin hunting today but I didn't do as good as you. I did find this gold looking cross with a skull on it plus a stone but it's got to be a cube.

Best to You!

Chuck Anders

PS I went to the Dr. with back trouble and when I came home my wife ask well what did he say.I said that he told me even if I go to the bathroom to pee I need to sit down.She ask why is that because he don't want me lifting anything heavy and she said you wish.

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Thanks Ridge Runner

You know, I believe that most women are the same, at least they think alike.

Seems I had the same trouble as you and my better half told me exactly the same thing.

No, not that good at the hunts, its just that I been having a bit of luck and had the coil in the right place at the right time or at least before someone else got there.

Looks like you been doing well yourself, congrats....

Bob T.

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Your smokin them :o Way to go!............nice haul..............24K was slow, not much found sat. - - - your right to save gas :mellow:

The coin & nugget shoot over at Apache Junction was at a new site.....my Super LOBO was acting eratic so I went with the MXT, found 6 enhanced nuggets in the first hunt, about $12 in change + a few tokens for small prizes in the 2nd hunt and got skunked on the 3rd nugget only hunt. Lots of trash at the new site, a park...........it will take a few years to clean the trash out.................after 1hr in the 3rd nugget only hunt, 120 nuggets hadn't been found, OPP's :lol:.............wonderer

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