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Hello Grubstake,

It's amazing the price of gold keeps climbing. Sure would love to get back up there and hunt with you and Matt. I've just been so busy lately. The phone here is constantly ringing, Dawn said I need to just turn off the ringer! :D

At $945 it don't take much gold to pay for a big Minelab.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Also... 2-20-08... A barrel of crude set a new record... now over $100.

Every commody spiraling up... How many remember the double digit

inflation during President Carters administration? However, with this said;

I'm not blaming him... it was the times...

Bandana Don... like you I well remember the time a loaf of bread and a quart of

milk could be bought for about 23 cents (silver). Gold was then set at $35/troy.

A gallon of gas in Ely about 23 cents/gallon but in California about 19 cents.

And a letter was 3 cents and a post card a penny.

Gasoline prices took a big hit in my area... I bought a tank for $2.99/gallon

last week and now it is $3.27/gallon... in just in a few days... Even a gallon

of milk has doubled the past several years... I'm not complaining...

just explaining... I'm retired and sticking close to home; and my wants

and needs are simple.... Young families need to play it close to the vest...

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I was hoping to retire in 3-4 years but the spiraling cost of everything makes me think that what sounded like a reasonable income to support me in retirement does not look so good any more.

Unlike many people in the US I have done some planning for retirement so I won't be completely without resources but it sure looks like it may be inadequate to maintain anything close to my current living standard. The fear is that in years to come the economic situation will deteriorate even more and if I retire I may not be able to go back to work later.

The politicians can only make it worse.


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