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what do you guys think?? i have a link on a Minelab SD2200 for $1100. Seller states is like new with 2 coils. was produced in 2001 so not sure if its a D or V2 as im not familiar when the changeover occured. he also states he hasnt tweaked it nor has he sent it in to minelab for software updates yet. i havent put y hands on it yet to look at model number as he isnt local, but ill be talking with him later. deal? or no deal?

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As far as I know, the difference is the V2 has the blue control box ,and the S bend shaft . The machines I believe are the same other than that. They both auto tune, auto GB, have audio boost,and both discriminate with a DD coil (if you chose to do so).

I`m no expert though.....

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There is no functional difference between the two models....Minelab does not upgrade units...they do install currently available replacement parts when they make repairs. In other words you can't buy a 2200 and have them change it into a 3500 or 4000. If you buy a 2200 you might consider a signal enhancer as the signal strength was a bit weak...


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