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Moore Creek latest mineral exploration project in Y-K Delta

Thu, February 21, 2008

Posted in Alaska News

There will be yet another mineral exploration project in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta this year. The newest one is at Moore Creek, located in the Kuskokwim Mountains, Northeast of Crooked Creek and Southeast of McGrath. An exploration team plans on drilling 10 thousand feet of earth in search of gold and quartz deposits.

Shane Iverson, KYUK - Bethel

Play the Podcast Here


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  • Admin

Hello Steve,

That is great news! Sure hope they find a huge lode deposit there. Sure sounds promising from what they have found so far.

Looking forward to heading up to Moore Creek this year. I'm sure some nice gold nuggets and specimens will be found.

P.S. A good friend, Karl B. is trying to get in the second week. If there is any chance he can slip in, he will be a great addition to the group. ;)

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob,

You know what, I might be able to work something out. That is Karl B, from Spring, Texas? He has signed up for week 3 at this point as week 2 was sold out. As is week 3 at this point. Or are we talking some other Karl B?

I'll look into it Monday but it might be something that would also help someone else out if I can pull it off.

It is going to be an exciting summer at Moore Creek for sure, in more ways than one. Can't wait to see you guys up there. I'm getting quite a case of gold fever!

Steve Herschbach

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