Just letting you all know I'm still here, just been very busy!

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Hello All,

I've received a handful of emails and phone calls wondering where I have been. Well to sum it up quickly, I've been very busy! :mellow: I'm working 50-60 hours per week at my real job, attending classes and trying to hold down the business. I honestly can't keep the Minelab metal detectors in stock right now. The X-70 and the GPX-4000's are selling better than ever. The price of gold really has people excited. I guess it only takes 1-4 ounces to pay for these metal detectors now.

I remember hunting when gold was in the mid 200's. It took a lot of nuggets (over a pound) to pay for a bit Minelab PI. However, sure miss those days. You could go just about anywhere since no one had any interests in gold mining.

I'm doing my best in returning phone calls and emails, sometimes staying up to 10-11pm at night. However, I enjoy doing it, so don't hesitate to call or email me if you have questions, would like to order or just want to plain out shoot the breeze! ;)

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to the hills with (3) new Minelab customers. I'm hoping to get a bit of beeping in myself if time permits.

Talk with you all later,

Rob Allison

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Hello Grubstake,

Been some time since we chatted, but sure miss your company. Dennis and I still talk about our California trip. I'm very excited to get back, but just so swamped right now.

Really want to get back up there and met Miner Matt in person and hunt with you guys.

I really need a vacation right about now.

Rob Allison

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