Best Arizona Gold Detecting Areas

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Hi Kelly,

One of the best ways to learn about gold locations in AZ is to simply Google gold placers in AZ and follow the links. The suggested links will take you to clubs or businesses that sell prospecting books and equipment as well other forums on the subject.

Once you have more knowledge on the subject and know where the general locations are, then it is easier to try to explain a little more about the areas you might be interested in.

As for information on where to look, I have copied some info posted on the Tucson Desert Gold Diggers site about a couple of really good books on the subject. I recommend both as a good starting point.

Here is the book info.

Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona, Geological Survey Bulletin 1355, by Maureen G. Johnson (reprinted by Gem Guides) has an extensive list of Arizona gold placers. These are listed by county and then by gold district. Some areas are of unknown location, some are general, some are large and some are even specific. A very good reference for Arizona gold placers.

Gold Placers and Placering in Arizona, Arizona Bureau of Mines Bulletin 168, is another good reference and companion to the previous USGS Bulletin. It lists locations by county and then by the placer name.

Hope this helps.


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