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They would have to pay you for it. Plus the gov't could make it real tough, with rules and laws.

They can freeze the price of anything. They can make it where there is so much paperwork to make a sale that it would be a lot of trouble and if you didn't make out any paperwork there would be a lot of trouble if you got caught. They can check you out with their different departments, like the IRS and now the Homeland Security. They could make it where you can't transport it, or take it across state lines or across the border. Those airport security screenings would light up on any metal like gold.. They can brainwash making the masses think it is a barbaric relic, and that the real investment is in paper like stocks and bonds, that's what they are doing now.. But they won't ever be able to stop GOLD. If they do any of that stuff, the Senators and Congressmen just might lose their job come the next election. That's all we could do. So far they are just ignoring it but it's definitely getting to be the elephant in the living room that nobody is pretending to notice. Rome tried it a loooong time ago. Rome also silver plated copper coins at the late stages of the empire and made everybody value them like they were silver. Of course all the real silver coins disappeared in a short time. <_<

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It was in the San Antonio paper but it came from New York Times saying Mexico luring gold seekers.It also said Even with it's long history of mining, the land is relatively underdevelpoed. Difficult terrain, Indian raids and political instability made mining start and stop affair.It also said that Mexico is 14th producer of gold,up from18th place in 2006.

Before we go being they have Indian raids I think we better shave our heads. :rolleyes: I had a friend that did go to Mexico hunting gold but he never said how he done.

Chuck Anders

PS I can't talk the talk down there.They could be with a smile saying let's cut his head off and hang it on a post and I'd be smiling back. :blink:

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This has been fifty years ago I knew a guy that was a treasure hunter,he went all over Mexico.The first thing he done was go to the local police chief and get in with him maybe by buying him a pistol are whatever he needed.From then on he had the run of the town to hunt where ever he wanted.

It's like you said don't get caught with a pistol now because your butt is going to be grass and they will be the lawn mower.

Chuck Anders

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