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I was at the GPAA gold show at Belton Texas today and seen Travis in action with his new Hex Pan.Before I seen it in action I was thinking how can that thing work.

Well after watching Travis work his Hex Gold Pan I could see he has got a winner there.You pan it where the riffle's form a V and like Travis said you know where your gold is going to be.Now after you get your material down then you can turn the pan to one side and work it on the smaller riffle's.So don't think you are square by getting this new Hex Pan because if it speeds up the work I don't care how many sides it has.

It comes in black, green, purple and blue but no Pink. :o


Travis said that he gave you a Hex Pan to do a product review and has yet to see it. :huh::D

I think those of you that are willing to try it will be happy with a new innovation in gold panning.

Chuck Anders

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I hope you made it back home okay.I know two days at that gold show working like what I seen you doing you got to be dead on your feet.I'd guess with all those gold pans you had to drive there and that made for a longer drive back.

Take Care!

Chuck Anders

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