Car in California river

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Have anyone ever been to Yankee Jims bridge outside of Colfax,CA. These people seemed to have dropped there car in the river last week. I don't know much about salvage and recovery but take a look at what Placer Co. dive team was up against. Looks like they dragged it out of the river and up the hill side. I would have thought they would of ran a wire across the river and high wired it. Take a look. Let me know what you think.

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1 Dredger

A shuttle you say, thats interesting. Shuttling rafters back and forth from yankee jims to mineral bar more than likely. Don't you find it interesting that theres not one mention of the gasoline and motor oil that undoubtly leaked from this vehicle into the river over a weeks time. Maybe the kyakers and rafters should pool there resources and clean the river of these contaminates. You know dame well if that would have been a dredge with a lousy gallon of gasoline and half of quart of engine oil every rafter and enviromentalist wack job would be demanding the end of all dredging state wide.


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Hawkeye if you look close at one of the pictures after the car is almost to shore it looks like oil to me.

Lucky I have looked in the mine by the bridge. There are several of them up and down the road. If I remembe right there was no quartz. But it's been a while.

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That's Brilliant!!!!

Just through a totalled car shell on your dredge and you'll never hear another word! 'Sounds like a million dollar idea...and it would reduce the number of junkers in the yards. [le :blink: ft] [le :blink: ft]

(Odd how you can spell a word correctly in the reply box and sometimes have them show up in a forum spelled another way...)

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'Looks expensive!

Let's see...there's the fire department, tow truck+, divers, law officials, probably the county DOT, several state & federal EPA reps, a whole bunch of orange vesters, maybe an insurance agent or two...yep,

looks expensive.

Chris, You obviously know this spot. How do you think this happened? Did he go down the bank that they were towing him up or off the road under the pedestrian bridge?

and do you think any nuggets were damaged?

I AM surprized no one was badly hurt.

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