Suction Dredging in Alaska

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With all this face time on TV your going to need to get yourself a business manager and maybe a trip to Hollywood!

That water looks awfully cold, thanks for the link.


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Hi Bob,

Yeah, got a few claims. Attached is a map. We've added a few since then but this is most of them. Over 54,000 acres. I'd like to say I could afford all this but most of the funding is from our exploration partner, Full Metal Minerals. We have a solid hard rock discovery about a mile from our placer ground on Moore Creek. There is a crew on the ground right now prepping up for a drilling program on that discovery. There are a half dozen other good hard rock targets on the property that will also get checked out this summer.

Keith, only a few weeks left! Got my new GPX-4500 sitting next to me right now. Wish the snow would go away so I could get out and use it.

Definitely getting the proverbial 15 minutes of fame right now. Not a week goes by without a call from some sort of media outlet.

Steve Herschbach

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Keep your eyes open for Steve doing commercials promoting Nike's new line of snowshoes!

'Glad it's happening for you! You're living the dream for many. I'm thinking seriously about signing up for a week or two with you next summer.

Well, by then you might not have the time or desire for all of this prospectin' stuff and wallowing in the mud. :lol:

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