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Well we have a few new goodies I have been working on getting over here from Down Under and other parts of the globe.

First we have the long awaited SLIM LINE Speaker made to be used with the 4500 amplified battery. Just plug it in to your headphone jack on the battery and the GPX4500 amplifier automatically recognizes that you have a speaker hooked up and boosts the output to drive the speaker.

Now, it's not quite that simple, because you have to know hoe to wire the stereo plug in a certatin way to signal the amp that a speaker is hooked up to it. That is why speakers previously sold with signal amplifiers will not work alone with the GPX 4500 Battery with built in amp.

This little speaker is 8 ohms, and really thin, yet delivers a nice big crisp and clear sound with no distortion. We personally hand wire these in order to make sure they "talk" with the Minelab 4500 battery. We use a premium stereo jack, and test each one before it is sent out to insure they operate perfectly.

We equip this speaker with an "death grip" alligator clip on the back which is similar to what is used on suspenders. You can attach it to your pocket, your shirt collar, or your back pack.

Retail is $49.95. I only received 100 of these in on the first order so do not delay if you want one, as I have dealers already ordering them 10 at a time. Rob will have some in by Monday.

Pretty darn nifty if I don't say so myself, and just in time for those pesky snakes.

Speaking of NIFTY, take a look at this new extremely lightweight backpack that we are distributing for Jonathan Porter. The Shingleback Lite pack is all you need. It has a lower velcro pouch for your battery, with velcro tabs to secure your wires. And an upper zippered pouch that provides a generous amount of room for a bottle of water, a sandwich, power bars, and a 5 ounce nugget.

"D" ring on each shoulder, and that all important chest strap to keep the shoulder straps from falling off your shoulders while you dig for a nugget. This is really a sweet little rig, very light weight, very tough and well constructed. Retail is $49.95.



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Just a bit more about the Backpack,

I've been testing this pack for a few days and IMHO I'ts the perfect choice for a light day pack.

It stays put while digging and works great with the HipStick.

This is a light canvas pack made just for metal detecting. Why canvas ? It breaths like no nylon pack can and when it get's wet from that long slog up the hill it drys out much faster then nylon.

The lower pouch has gromited holes on each side for routing cables.


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