Two Million Less acres

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O'h yes he sign a bill putting two million acres into another wilderness area.The dumb butts was standing around him clapping after he sign it. :spank:

Another thing what they don't tell you on the news is how much was paid to Rick Wagoner to leave GM.

I was at a gun show and I've never had to stand in a long line to get in but this time I did.When I was walking to the end of the line people were saying Obama brought this on.

At the rate it's going you won't have a place to prospect are to hunt but I guess that's okay being your not going to have the money anyway to go.

Chuck Anders

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Ridge Runner

The two million acres is just the tip of the iceberg. This bill also made

several heritage areas,monument,wild and scenic river designations that

lock up more land than the wilderness areas.

Also it gave the BLM,Fish and Wildlife,and other agencies authority to pick

and choose land at will to add to the land grab in the future.

The largest wilderness is in California,next largest Idaho,then Utah,New Mexico,

and so on. It gave the BLM authority to pick,and decree,all sorts of land grabs,

without due process,in the future. :angry:

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