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Hey Guys,

Saturday a partner and I done some exploring deep within a range of Mountains out West. We spent the entire day quad riding around searching for something that would catch our attention. Unfortunately, the area all pretty much looked the same, so we just decided to start pounded some ground in hopes we would bump into something along the way. We hunted for about 6-7 hours and couldn't locate a nugget. The last location we stopped at had some very nasty iron stained quartz that carries gold in this particular area. We jumped off and hunted a few small washes around the quartz and within a few minutes I scored a nice Dwt plus sized nugget. Not more than a few feet from the first gold nugget I scored another small one. A bit excited about the potential in this area, I hunted for another hour up and down the wash and even worked the benches and flats without another single gold nugget. Just goes to show there are a lot of those "lonely" nuggets out there. Probably just small "blips" of gold within the vein that errode out. Heck, I don't want "blips," I want huge pockets of gold to errode out! :girl:

Always fun to just find a nugget in a new spot. Here are the couple that I found using the GPX-4500 and Coiltek 14-inch elliptical Goldstalker searchcoil. This coil is probably the best coil I have used for outright prospecting and searching new areas.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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I knew the first time I met you & then hunted with you that you don't need a detector to find nuggets, you can smell them from a 1000 yds away :excl: WTG Rob!

Watch your back & stay safe - Frosty

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That big gold nugget looks a lot bigger than a dwt. Nice looking gold nuggets. Too bad you did not find any more. I have to agree with you about the 14" eliptical Gold Stalker coil. That is the best coil I have ever used since I started detecting. I will post about how good that coil treated me today later. Thanks for sharing your finds.



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