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When I received Elly's e-mail in Feb. I sent a letter asking for the remainder of my dues back (appox. $200). I have never gotten any money back yet and I've e-mailed her twice and have had no response. Has anyone else had this problem. I've lost her address and phone #, can anyone help me with that. Thank You John

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Rob and other forum members and 24K members,

Do any of you have any information on the status of the remaining claims and if we have access to them or have we lost our access rights? Also do you have any information on how we can contact the new owner of the claims that were just sold?

How many members are there in the 24K?

If there is a lot and Ely is being non-responsive she could be setting herself up for legal action. Individually we would have to file under small claims court.....collectively.....well it could add up to a lot of money and be considered fraud. Especially if we no longer have access and she has not refunded the remaining balance of current year's dues. And that is not even going into the ramifications for the life members.

It saddens me to see this situation unfolding as it seems to be unfolding. Perhaps Ely is simply away visiting a relative and has no way of getting emails, snail mail etc.

Time will tell.

Whatever the reason(s), I enjoyed my time on 24K sites and I have made friends that I would not have made otherwise! That is what will sustain me and not the current situation.

Be safe out there in the Gold Fields and hopefully I will see some of you in June when I get finished with school and training and hit the open road to where prospecting opportunities are just around the big rock in the draw!



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Yo All...Here's the email on the matter I got from Elly back in February...The salient point is that members need to contact her by writing and request a refund...There are still 750 acres of claims, including three on the Devil's Nest tht are still open to members...However, all claims are up for sale... Cheers, Unc

Elly Contact Info:

Toll Free Phone: 866 713 0608

Local Phone: 928 427 0011

P O Box 1351 Congress, AZ 85332

E-mail: Elly@24kgoldhunters.com

February 16, 2009

Hello 24K Gold Hunters,

Lets Set The Record Straight

I am getting phone calls and hearing the erroneous

details as passed through the gossip line about what I

have done with our claims.

Here are the facts:

I have had a hands on involvement with the claims

for many years; some of them date back over 32

years. Because of my age and my health, I had to

make a decision as to what I wished to do about the

club and the claims.

The pushes cost a minimum of $2500 each time we

did one. I have been subsidizing the cost of the pushes

since October and can no longer afford to do so.

Membership renewals and new memberships are

down a considerable amount from last year. Today I

have heard every cockamamie excuse for this and

members blaming other members, caretakers and

staff. None of this is true. Revenue is down because

people are losing their pensions, jobs and other various

forms of income. In the autumn when people normally

migrate south we saw less people making the

trip. Gas was over $4 a gallon. So people filtered in a

little slower or didnt come down at all. And many of

them no longer had the dues money.

I have mentioned to several people that I would like

to find someone to take over the club and run it for

me, or partner up and run it with me. Got no response

from that except for unrealistic counter offers. I have

also made it known that I would like to sell the claims.

But no one wanted to step up and buy the claims or

the club.

Finally, Someone who was bonafide and had the

money to back up their talk made me a good offer on

six of the Devils Nest claims. They also offered to sell

the rest for me. I accepted their offer.

So, 6 of the Devils Nest claims are sold. We still

have 3 Devils Nest claims. And we have 28 other

claims on or near Rich Hill. That is a total of 31 claims,

totaling approximately 750 acres. We also have 5

claims at Lake Pleasant. Any current member can use

any of these claims until they are sold.

What about the memberships?

The 24 Karat Gold Hunters is still an active organization

with approximately 750 acres to prospect on or

near Rich Hill. You as a member must make the decision

as to whether you wish to continue being a member

until the rest of the claims sell or whether you

would like to apply to us, in writing, for a refund of the

unused portion of the fees that you have paid. We will

respond to your request within 30 days of the receipt

of your request.

I wish to thank the security team that monitored

the claims and helped so many of our members. No

one has ever had a finer group than these men.

Meeting Cancelled

We had planned to hold a meeting this Thursday

night, at the Community Center in Congress. However,

due to the dissention I feel we should cancel

the meeting and the bar b cue.

To the many people who called me and extended good

wishes today, I surely thank you. You are the true 24

Karat people.

To those few who felt it necessary to call and be rude

and threatening, and to those of you who passed on

lies and wrong information on the forums, I feel sorry

for you, as you are pyrite.

To those of you who high graded the claims in years

past, and took many nuggets, may your metal detectors

never sing again.

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When I got the letter I realized that 24K was dependent on new members to sustain the operating expenses of the club. I assumed the club was broke and

wrote off the rest of my dues. Just a pitfall of a club with privately held claims.

IHHO yearly members should use the remanning claims till there sold or membership expires (not seek a refund). If any "club" funds are left, refund the lifetime members.

remember thats just my opinion and do read between the lines



Almost forgot I have heard of 1 lifetime member getting a refund.

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  • Admin

Hey Grampa,

I haven't heard of anyone getting their membership money back, but then again I haven't kept track much either. I would do like Ron suggested, write Elly a letter and request your remainder membership back.

Keep us updated on what you find out.

Rob Allison

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