"Special Thanks" to the ones that donated money and gifts

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Hello All,

Yesterday Dawn and I received the check and gifts. Doc was kind enough to raise some money from many of the forum members (special friends). :wub: Many of the members have sent cards and gifts prior to this check, but Dawn and I wanted to make sure you all know how much we really appreciate it. I'm now starting to realize (very quickly) how much a newborn can cost. Diapers, cloths, formula .... diapers, diapers and more diapers! :wacko:

Just to let you know, Doc sent me a detailed list at my request on who sent what. You all know me, I will make it right for you down the road.

Thanks once again.

Rob & Dawn

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Newborn babies are expensive! From what I have heard, they only get more expensive the older they get. No matter what the cost, nothing can change the love that they bring to us. When Riley comes to you with a book that she chose for you to read to her at bedtime, you will know what it is all about. Congradulations, life is just beginning again for you and Dawnie. Enjoy it! Take care.


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Rob, you mean you don't have her potty trained yet? I figured you would already have her digging targets for you. Dawnie already did the hard part! She carried her for almost 9 months, now its your turn . Ha! Ha! :rolleyes::unsure: Grubstake

Just thank GOD, You got a good wife and a daughter with all her parts.

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