Is them there gold nuggets ?

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You know it's time to go nugget hunting again when you start looking in your friends mouth to see if he are she has any gold fillings.

I know we have been talking about some deep subjects here on the forum.The nice thing is I don't have to go buy shells for my detector and they haven't block off all the public land as of yet. So why don't we all go nugget hunting and enjoy the time left we have.

Had I known that gas was one day going to be so high when I left Mississippi at the age of three I'd keep going on to AZ. instead of stopping in Texas. :spank: It cost me a arm and leg to get to AZ. now to nugget hunt.

..........................If this don't crack ^ you up then nothing will!

Chuck Anders

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Just to show you how fast you can get out and start digging.I open my water bill and it was about four times higher than normal.I was out there in short order digging up the ground to find that leak.Well I did and fix it also but it was way after dark before I finish.

With all that digging I didn't find one nugget.

Chuck Anders

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  • Admin

Hey Chuck,

I know what you mean about those leaks. Our house is pretty new, only a few years old now. For a long time our water bill was high, but couldn't figure out why. One day during the Summer I noticed a bunch of water around one of our plants. Low and behold for about a year there was a pipe busted and leaking water. We finally got it fixed, but never figured out how much extra we paid for water lost.

P.S. I never found any nuggets there either! :rolleyes:

Rob Allison

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