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It looks like Google Earth has finally updated the Bradshaw range. I hunt alone and have been carefull and frustrated when looking for and taking trails into new areas. Now I can zoom inn and see atv trails and get a better idea of where the creek beds run out. If you havn't checked it out lately you may find it helpfull.


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Hey Jerry,

Thanks for the update. I've noticed in some spots Google Earth was great, but some places you couldn't zoom down much at all. Great to hear that Google Earth has updated maps in the Bradshaw Range and more areas heading out West.

P.S. Having any luck nuggethunting lately?

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob! Not much luck on the hill but I did pull a couple of pickers out of an old washer pile in the high country. Between old Uncle Arthur Ritus and an attack of the Cats Claw it kind of slowed me down. I was using the Platypus coil you sold me. It was a good thing it is water proof cause draging it back through the blood trail to my ATV would have ruined anything else. LOL. I do have a question about using it in extra mode on the 4000. I couldn't pick up my test nugget until I went back up to sensitive. I was in a highly mineralized area with more iron stone than sand. Could that have been it?

See Ya


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