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Here in San Antonio Texas you see lots of people will buy lunch are maybe a drink for a GI.I know I do and the one I did the other morning thank me and I told him that I appreciate him.Remember they have family's just like you and I that they love and yet have to leave.I know lots of us older guys have had to do the same thing in the past and like this sergeant I can relate where he is now.

You don't have to take out a loan to do this,it may and can be just a cup of coffee.The main thing is let them know you care.

Chuck Anders

PS My church sends loads of things to the GI hospitals here for them.One time I called up Lost Treasure and ask for their Mag's and they sent a big box of them for our guys and gals in the hospital.

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I do this everytime I see one in a restaurants I am in ! Sometimes you are surprised at the results, I met a Navaho Code talker that way and he came over and talked to me, fasinating storys!

The price of a few meals is tiny compared to the sacrifices they make and have made in the past!

Of course now we veterans are all certified terrorists.

I won't get into my rant and rave mode but I am ashamed of the crooks and incompants that are runing and ruining our goverment, its due to apathy on our part.


24 Year Veteran USN-USCG- (CWO-3 RET)

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My wife and I try to pick up the tab whenever possible for our troops. Another program we support is Packages From Home. It is pretty easy to pick up an extra bag of jerkey, kleenex packs (for cleaning weapons of sand) and many other things to boost the moral of our deployed troops. When we get a bag or box together we swing by and drop it off. Packages From Home makes up boxes and sends them to the troops. You can send a card if you like and you will be amazed at the response from a soldier you have never met. DVD,s of all kinds Baseball gloves almost anything you can imagine. Check out their web site or contact them for a list. You will probably find you have many of the needed or wanted items collecting dust in your home somewhere. The also need donations for postage. Many of us remember what it was like to share a chocolate bar from home or read a letter outloud to hear your buddies laugh at people they don't know.

God Bless Our Troops


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My wife's club is very involved in that program. Until last year I had an Oversize truck escort service and averaged over 21 nights a month in motels, I routinely took all the provided toileteries and brought them home for their care boxes, at a lot of my regular stops I knew the managers and they contributed more, all that stuff is factored into the price of a room.Some of the big chains have quality stuff!

At one particular chain the have individual packs of tissues that the troops that wrote back their thanks mentioned as a favorite item to receive.

It dosen,t take much effort, just not apathy!

Another thing I do is take a service man prospecting. Its just a personal thing , I can remember when they had signs about service men!


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Couple of weeks ago I bought a couple of GI's some beers and it turned out to be a hoot of a time! They were local recruiters on an in between deployment assignment. After they invited me to their office whenever I could make if to pick up hats and tee shirts. It's a good thing to do and I remember the very few times that was done for me, left a very lasting impression!

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Hey, where were you all during my career! All kidding a side...I've received drinks & eats all over the world by thankful citizens. Living in a military town and still having many active duty military friends, they know I have the best BBQ & a cold beer on any given weekend. We share old war stories and some new ones...sometimes you have to have a photo to backup your stories. God bless American and to the Men & Ladies who service!


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