Top 1 or 2 Accessories for the GP 3000

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Well, I have been fortunate to pick up a GP 3000 in "as new" condition. The deal comes with all the stock accessories as well as top of the line head phones.

Being new to electronic prospecting the Southern California deserts, I have a couple of questions.

1. Understandable there are a lot of variables, but what is the smallest gold nuggets I can expect out of the GP 3000?

2. If I had to choose one or two aftermarket accessories for detecting small gold, what would you suggest?

By the way, I will be spending most of the day tomorrow drywashing in the gold fields of Southern California. If I do well, I will post some pics.

Thanks to all of you in advance for your advice/expertice.

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I'm sure NuggetSlayer, will reply since he runs a GP 3000. He has been using my 11" Commander Coil Mono for the last two hunts together. He'll tell you that's his favorite coil...he has been talking about purchasing a Pocket Rocket too, because the stock battery is a ship anchor!


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Once you get yourself and the machine dialed in, you can expect to ALMOST find small gold about pinhead size, maybe a

little larger, with the 3000.

That size, I have detected using a Nuggetfinder 16" searchcoil...(sorry Rob) at least 2-3 inches.

We used to have the saying that there is no need for a Gold Bug 2 anymore, now that we have a GP 3000!

I have no idea how small gold you can find with a smaller coil, using that same machine...

That detector is pretty amazing!


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I run a 3000 (when I cant use my GF's 4500)

#1 aftermarket accessory, the Pocket Rocket.

#2 the HipStick (biased opinion from the inventor)

#3 Control box cover. (get this first)

You can expect to find 1 grain nuggets with the stock 8" coil on shallow ground or exposed bedrock. I really like running a 9x5 Commander DD, very quiet and killer on small gold in sudo mono.

Try this switch combo sensitive, deep, all metal, tracking, DD with the discrimination knob at 12 noon.(this will pause the tracking on faint targets) Push the threshold a bit to get it smooth.

Use a small test nugget.

Good luck!


P.S. Make sure to buy a hipstick! I need the $ for a brain transplant!!

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I would buy a pocket Rocket as the stock battery will put a hurt on your back. Second I would buy a commander 11" mono coil. As far as how small of gold you find is a matter of how deep it is. The smallest I have found is .1dwt about 2" deep but it all depends on your conditions. If you have any questions on setting your machine up let me know because if its not set up right you won't find as much. Good luck with your new machine I love mine

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1. Pocket Rocket,

2. Signal Amp ( I can't hear crap without one.)

3. Bungee (so cheap you can add it with out considering it into your budget

4. Same with the control box cover an hip stick, these are great inexpensive accessories.

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I will throw this out there just in case the guy is desert newby or someone else reading this is.

Bring LOTS of water, not only for yourself but for your vehicle also. ( I have had the cooling fan take a crap out in the middle of nowhere and was overheating about every 15-20 minutes about 2 hours from a paved road).

And Carry some water ON YOU. Don't just leave it in your vehicle thinking you will come back and get a sip here and there, sometimes people get lost or loose their vehicle.

Wear lightweight Long Sleeve shirt (preferably light colored) or at least bunch of sunscreen and a hat. Nothing worse than being fried and feeling like crap for a week.

There is alot of other stuff, a simple google search will give loads of info on other basic desert survival info.

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