Explorer or SE Pro?

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Hey Rob! I am looking for your EXPERT opeinon, but I won't hold you to it. LOL You know I like to hunt out around the hill and some days I have trouble with the old feet. (too many years jumping out of airplains and helecopters or as my doctor says Owner Abuse) and I can't climb to find the good stuff. We all know the 4000 has like Zero iron disc and the flats is where all of the junk is. I am looking for a back up to use when old Uncle Arthur Ritus won't let me walk anywhere but the flats. I have looked at the explorer and the pro. I want to work the really high trash areas that drive my 4000 crazy. Even if it isn't a nugget, maybe an old coin or something other that pieces of an old can I would like to find something left behind by the oldtimers. Boy was that a mouth full! Anyway thats what I'm looking for the best discrimnation possible.

See Ya


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Hi Jerry

You may have seen that I have a Explorer SE for sale on here but I can't say how will it would work say out where we nugget hunt.I know that the Explorer SE is a very good detector for coin hunting and you got so many ways you can program it to what you want to hunt.

It's to bad you can't try one out before you buy.If I was out where you are I'd say try mine and that's also saying you owe me nothing doing it.

If your wondering why I want to sell mine well it's just sitting there and I don't coin hunt like I did at one time.

I hope you find out what you want, but ask lots before you buy.

Chuck Anders

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