Nice little skunk whacker

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Yo All...The last week has been a little bit frustrating, nugget-wise...I've been finding a few meteorites, but it's the gold that puts the aur in my arrrrrgh...!...Today I went back to a little---and I mean tiny--- gully system that I found two nuggets in back in February...The gully has no targets that aren't gold...But the bedock is extremely hot, you just can't swing over it anywhere with out a fairly loud signal from the ground and it's damn near impossible to balance the ground out....I pretty much had given up on the area, but today I just needed to beep and had a theory that some ground that was sandwiched in between caliche layers might carry something, because it had rounded river rock cemented in a layer ... I beeped all the exposed parts of that sandwich without any target...Then I decided to just inch up the main gully, which had verticle sidewalls and the bottom of the gully only about 18" wide...Putting up with the ground noise was kinda frustrating, but I was able to balance my ol' Baboo sd2100 even despite that I'd developed a short in my 14" E NF mono coil and it kept screaming at me like a $2 red headed whore on saturday night with every swing...Anyhow, a long winded way to say that I got a faint signal on a tight inside bend that sounded soft and deep...But, actually, it was only about 8" deep lying on top of some really hot bedrock..Nice little 2 gram cuttie...Nice way to break a week long gold skunk...Here's my usual excessive photo display... Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Sounds like the perfect place to take a 4000 or 4500.

I doubt that very much. I have hunted bedrock so hot that it just makes you batty. You can re-balance all you want too but the pain still persists. Maybe a DD plus hunting in Channel 1 would help .......

Prove me wrong . I have one spot that is bad but not the worst ...

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Nice one Ron!!!. Going way back to the old goldbug days, I learned to accept the fact that the coil part of the detector has to be looked at as something that will eventually need replacing. It takes all the abuse and just like the tires on your car, the more use they get, the sooner they will need replacing. I have had to retire many coils, Minelab, Coiltec , Nuggetfinder, Fisher, Whites, and Garret. The coil used only a few times a year will last some people a lifetime but any coil that gets pounded day after day will eventually at least get irritating to use. The added pounding of carrying them on quads on rough roads probably contributes to failures. They really aren't repairable . With that coil having found you thousands of dollars worth of gold, maybe a new Advantage coil when Chris gets them would be worth looking into and Rob has new options from Coiltec also. I know you have coils from all manufacturers and don't seem partial in that respect but choose the coil of the day to suit the conditions. Of course there is always the option of watching the classifieds for a lightly used replacement .----Bob

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  • Admin

Hey Uncle Ron,

Congrats on the new nugget. I was out yesterday with Goldstudmuffin, Doc and Trev from Coiltek. Trev found a nice 1.88 ouncer and I found a nice solid 9 Grammer. It was hot, but the gold is still out there to be found.

Coiltek does have some new stuff coming out and I got to see some of it, but can't say anything right now.

Hope your luck continues out there,

Rob Allison

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Very Nice Ron,

from the looks of the first picture it looks like your down in the open flat desert.

Rob, that's the reason for the ammo shortage... everyone knows about the upcoming coil war! :rolleyes:

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Way to go Ron! It's always good when you are able to get the skunk off you. It has a tendency to really mess with your confidence.

I figure it must have been that lucky Doc's detecting hat. :rolleyes:

Take care!


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