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Hello Everyone,

As I may have mentioned on a previous post, I have picked up a used GP 3000 is as new condition :) Does anyone know where I can find a dvd/book that will assist me in learning how to operate my new PI. Unless I am missing it, I checked Doc's web site, and I didn't see Jonathan Porter's GP 3000 training dvd listed.

Thanks for your assitance in advance.

PS. I am just finishing up my consentrates from my Southern California desert drywashing trip last week.....I will post some pictures tomorrow.

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Hey Desert Digger,

I have JP DVD's that are on the GP3000. I believe this was JP's first DVD, then on the GP3500, GPX-4000 and the new SETA one on the GPX-4500. I also have Chris Gholson's new one that features "Bob Montana Dansie and Myself," which is more directed towards the GPX series.

Give us a call at 623-362-1459 if you would like to order it or have questions.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Desert Digger,

Chris also has (or had) a two volume set on general nugget hunting. I believe it was done before the GPX series came out so he was using a 3500. Nothing much specific to the detector but great for nugget hunting with most any detector. They were done in conjunction with Jonathon Porter so I don't know if they are available anywhere any more. All the filming was done in Arizona. The series was called "Nugget Hunting Essentials" Volume 1 and 2. If your interested you might still be able to get copies from Chris.


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