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Hey David,

Thanks for joining the forums and "Thanks" for purchasing the X-Terra 70. I'm surprised the "Pro-Pack" didn't arrive yet. Gloria at Minelab USA, Inc. stated it was shipped to you. I will be out of town for a few days, but will find out what happened. Trust me, it's on the way though, they probably didn't ship it out until later in the week.

For the inconvience, I'm going to ship you a FREE 6-inch 18.75 inch coil! :wub: Just make sure you remind me when I get back so I don't forget.

When I was testing the X-70 when it first was released, the 18.75-inch elliptical gold coil wasn't available. I took it up into the Bradshaw Mountains and hunted some shallower washes. I ended up finding two small gold nugget the first day along with a bunch of iron rubbish. I was impressed on the discrimination ability in the coin/relic mode and the sensitivity to small gold nuggets in the gold prospecting/all metal mode.

The stock coil won't be as sensitivity to small gold in the range of 2-8 grains, but you can still find some small pieces if you turn the sensitivity up a bit higher. For the time being, don't allow the stock coil to discourage you, I've found gold with it along with hundreds of others. Just make sure you're in a good location, keep the coil close to the ground and hunt areas others might overlook.

Experiment around with the settings and ground balance to see what will work best.

Wishing you the best out there.

Rob Allison

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thanks rob,ill try that..

as far as the free coil goes,everyone loves free stuff,even me

but i hate it to cost you,because someone else didnt get it out,as fast as we wanted it

so i do not consider you responsable,and dont want you to lose money...

so just make me a good deal,when i call you back to buy my next coil...david

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